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Wisdom teeth, the third set of molars typically emerging in the late teens to early 20s, often become impacted, causing potential harm even if not visibly erupted. Impacted wisdom teeth may grow at an angle, potentially damaging adjacent molars or causing structural issues in the jaw.

Impacted wisdom teeth may grow at an angle, potentially damaging adjacent molars or causing structural issues in the jaw.

This can lead to complications like cysts or infections affecting bone, gum tissue, and neighboring teeth. Recognizing signs of impacted wisdom teeth is crucial. River City Dentistry and Implants in Post Falls, ID, offers expert wisdom tooth evaluations and extractions, with our experienced dentist specializing in various oral and facial treatments.

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Signs of Problematic Wisdom Teeth

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Our Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

We understand that wisdom teeth extractions, or 3rd molars, can be the first surgery our patients ever receive. As a result, we do everything possible to make you feel at ease, from a welcoming and friendly environment to calming anesthesia services. Before we determine if your wisdom teeth need removal, we capture precise, 3D scans of your mouth to assess the location and angle of your wisdom teeth. Using this imaging, we precisely plan your treatment to be efficient and minimally invasive on the day of surgery.

Before surgery, we’ll provide one or a combination of anesthesia services to ensure you’re relaxed and pain-free throughout your stay. You’ll be able to return home the same day and typically only need over-the-counter medication to control swelling or discomfort during your recovery. We’ll review post-operative instructions with you and encourage you to follow them closely for a shortened recovery time. If you have any questions as you heal, please get in touch with us for the necessary answers. With specialized training, we offer worry-free and confident care for any wisdom tooth extraction. Find out if it’s time for yours.

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