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Living with missing or deformed teeth is a significant burden for millions of people. Missing teeth cause serious damage to self-confidence, and it can cause patients to feel ashamed and embarrassed to smile or even speak in public. And of course, missing teeth can make even the simplest daily activities, like eating and brushing, a chore.

At River City Dentistry and Implants in Post Falls, ID restoring damaged smiles to their former beauty is Dr. Jason Allred’s expertise. With the aid of cutting-edge UV-activation technology, Dr. Jason Allred can provide patients with a brand-new smile and a stunning new set of permanent replacement teeth in just a single day.

With the aid of cutting-edge UV-activation technology, Dr. Jason Allred can provide patients with a brand-new smile and a stunning new set of permanent replacement teeth in just a single day.

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The Transformative Benefits of Full Arch Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants offer a vastly superior fit and functionality compared to the antiquated technology of dentures. Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanently attached to the jaw, meaning they never move or slip over time. Implant restorations preserve the strength and integrity of the jaw and surrounding soft tissue, unlike dentures, which cause painful inflammation in the gums and can speed up bone loss.

Full mouth dental implants also offer a far more comfortable fit than bulky dentures. Many patients report that they fit and perform equally, if not better, than natural teeth. Dr. Allred, a renowned Idaho implant specialist, uses finely tuned craftsmanship and state-of-the-art materials to give patients a beautiful, brand-new smile in just a single day of treatment.

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Additional benefits of our cutting-edge procedure:

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Why Choose River City Dentistry and Implants?

Due to the exceptional outcomes that Dr. Allred and the River City Dentistry and Implants staff consistently produce, we have become a highly regarded specialty implant practice on the U.S. West Coast. Our patients receive stunning new teeth and amazing, customized smiles thanks to cutting-edge materials and the most sophisticated UV-activation technology on the market, which reduces implant failure rate and halves post-surgery healing time.

Dr. Allred considers even the smallest and most subtle details to ensure that every patient has a professional and pain-free implant experience. While other practices in western Idaho and Washington prioritize high-volume patient turnover, River City Dentistry and Implants takes a far more personalized approach to full mouth dental implants, preferring to personally work with each patient to create a stunning, durable restoration that will last a lifetime.

A Modern Technological Approach to Traditional Implant Surgery

We’ll never recommend full-arch dental implants to patients who don’t need them. We are known among the Post Falls community for our unparalleled level of care and our excellent customer service, and we will never tell patients they need a procedure just because it costs more. River City Dentistry and Implants commits to providing patients with the most truthful information on full arch dental implants; whether you qualify for full-mouth dental implants or not, our objective is to give you sound advice and a workable plan that will leave you with a completely renewed, healthy new smile. Give us a call today to explore your eligibility for state-of-the-art all-on-four full-mouth dental implants.

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