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A Modern, Family-Focused Dental Practice

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Our Philosophy is Founded on Family

Even though we’re the most technologically sophisticated dental office in western Idaho, River City Dentistry and Implants remains fully committed to the warm and family-focused atmosphere we’ve become known for. As leaders in the state when it comes to cutting-edge restoration solutions, the top priority of our small mom-and-pop dental practice is still focused on delivering warm and friendly care to our beloved family of patients that call Post Falls, ID, home.

Our focus has never been money-driven, and we will never make a patient feel like they are being rushed into or out of a dentist appointment.

Our acclaimed implant dentist Dr. Jason Allred is known as much for his world-class results as he is for his friendly, cheerful chairside manner – which goes a long way in helping patients get over their dental anxiety. For nearly 10 years, we have been an integral part of the local Post Falls community, and we frequently offer charity dental work to patients in need, including those serving church missions in the area. Our focus has never been money-driven, and we will never make a patient feel like they are being rushed into or out of a dentist appointment. At River City Dentistry and Implants, our goal is to make every patient feel heard, and it is our responsibility and privilege to make sure every patient walks out of our office with the best care possible.

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Idaho’s Elite Dental Implant Specialists

The only thing that comes close to matching our commitment to patient comfort and care is our commitment to delivering elite smile restorations with world-class technology. As one of Idaho’s most acclaimed implant experts, Dr. Allred is a local Post Falls dentist who boasts an advanced résumé of technical training and an elite level of skill, craftsmanship, and experience.

Just as important, however, Dr. Allred is a dentist who prioritizes communication; no matter your oral health needs, River City Dentistry and Implants will explain all treatment options in full detail while providing sympathy and understanding. No one likes going to the dentist, but at River City Dentistry and Implants, we aim to make your visit as warm, friendly, and comfortable as possible.

A Modern Blend of Tradition and Technology

Modern technology in dental implants makes intricate oral procedures and extensive surgeries quicker and far less painful than ever. As a leading implant dentist on the U.S. West Coast, Dr. Allred utilizes cutting-edge UV activation with DIOnavi implants, which cuts healing time in half and simplifies even the most challenging dental restorations.

River City Dentistry and Implants is a modern dental office that utilizes a primarily digital workflow. This enables us to achieve levels of precision and predictability in patient outcomes that were previously unheard of.

Our cutting edge treatments include:

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Dedicated to the Community We Call Home

At River City Dentistry and Implants, we are fully aware of the worry, fear, and anxiety often accompanying a visit to the dentist’s office. To make each patient’s experience as comfortable and painless as possible, Dr. Allred utilizes cutting-edge sedative methods that virtually eliminate pain and discomfort – even during difficult and highly complex surgical procedures.

Our Post Falls, ID, dental office uses state-of-the-art equipment to make multi-phase invasive dental procedures easier, faster, and more predictable than ever. We are a dental practice setting the standard for modern, high-end dentistry; whether you require a full mouth restoration or are just searching for a family-friendly dentist near you, we hope to see you as part of our Post Falls dental family – right here in gorgeous western Idaho.

A dental office built on tradition and focused on family care.

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