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A Simple Solution to a Brilliantly Repaired Smile

When it comes to treating badly damaged teeth, it is no longer necessary to come in for several dental office visits and wait weeks at a time to receive a crown or bridge. Patients can now leave our Post Falls, ID, dentist’s office with a permanent restoration tooth (or multiple teeth) on the very same day as their appointment. As Idaho’s experts in dental crown and dental bridge customization, we pride ourselves on offering the fastest service and the most world-class results in the West.

Deteriorated teeth cause sensitivity and irritation, which over time results in excruciating pain. Nonetheless, an extraction is frequently avoidable if the roots of a tooth are in good condition. Dr. Jason Allred and the staff at River City Dentistry and Implants can design, create, and implant a dental crown or dental bridge in a matter of hours thanks to advanced digital technology. This means that in only one visit to our Post Falls, ID, office, your smile will be completely repaired and restored to 100% functionality.

Patients can now leave our Post Falls, ID, dentist's office with a permanent restoration tooth (or multiple teeth) on the very same day as their appointment.

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Idaho’s Experts in Dental Crown and Dental Bridge Fabrication

Thanks to years of experience in implantology and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Allred and the River City Dentistry and Implants staff can provide quality, customized, same-day dental crowns that offer the same aesthetic beauty as full-scale implant reconstructions.

Smile repairs using our advanced technology help patients enjoy tooth crowns that withstand the rigors of biting, chewing, and other aspects of routine daily life.

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Utilizing the Industry’s Most Advanced Technology

Compared to conventional dental crowns and dental bridges, the milling technology at River City Dentistry and Implants allows procedures to be completed quickly and affordably while maintaining desired aesthetics. What used to take weeks to outsource a tooth crown, can now be produced in-office within a matter of minutes using cutting-edge milling technology. The entire process for a dental crown at our Post Falls, ID, office takes about 1.5 hours. A digital bite impression is used to take measurements of the oral arch, which is then used to design, print, and place the tooth cap over the damaged tooth. A permanent dental adhesive is then used to secure the crown or dental bridge in place.

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How Much Do Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges Cost?

The price of dental bridges and dental crowns varies depending on the particular circumstances of each patient. Prices typically depend on factors such as the type of material utilized, and the number of teeth replaced. No matter your financial situation, however, River City Dentistry and Implants is committed to assisting patients with a reasonable payment or financing solution. We also deal with several insurance providers to ensure you get the dental care you require – as quickly and effectively as possible.

Repair significantly damaged teeth with an elegantly crafted tooth crown.

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